Samsung Galaxy S6 review; the final verdict

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Samasung Galaxy S6, S6, Galaxy, mobile phone reviews
Samsung Galaxy S6 in all its glory.

Last week I wrote a brief blog post about the Samsung Galaxy S6. New to the market, I was given the honour of test driving the handset to see what I thought of it.

My Galaxy S6 love-in has now come to an end. With the experiment over, here’s what I thought about Samsung’s latest mobile phone in greater detail.

Technical detail

I’ll start with a few technical details. The handset is 14.1cm long, 7cm wide and 6mm thin. This makes it bigger than my iPhone 5, but not obtrusively so. It boasts a 64bit Octa Core Processor and the model I tested has 32GB memory.

Samsung, Galaxy S6, phone reviews
Bigger than an iPhone but not obtrusive and 6mm thin.

Other essentials

The speaker is at the bottom of the handset, as is the headphone jack (a more practical place to site it I think). The main camera lens is on the back of the phone. It protrudes slightly which is a bit annoying but it’s not a major issue.

Being a Samsung, it has a back key in the bottom right hand corner. On the bottom left corner is a key that enables you to split the windows so you can see all the open apps and web pages.

Another point to mention is the battery life. I’ve been impressed by this, I think I’ve only had to charge it a couple of times over the past week.


The phone does look a bit like the iPhone 6. That said, the aluminium edge to the case gives it a bit of space age styling. I think I’d go so far as to call the handset elegant.

Set up

Setting the phone up was reasonably straightforward. I had most functions up and running pretty quickly. I did have some teething problems synching with other devices but nothing disastrous.

Camera and video

Without a doubt, these are the stand out features of this device. The camera is just brilliant. You can shoot in a variety of modes, including a professional mode that enables you to adjust the aperture, ISO and focus. There’s also a ‘virtual shot’ mode than allows you to take a 360 degree picture; ideal for us bloggers!

As for the video, I shot a few bits and pieces. I’ve just watched some of it on my PC and the resolution on the big screen is superb. I didn’t expect this from a mobile phone. I think this will be the major selling point opf the S6.

Samsung, camer phone, Galaxy S6
Some video I shot. The resolution when watched on a bigger monitor is stunning.

Anything else?

The phone comes with a fingerprint lock. I set this up, but found the phone only recognised my fingerprint maybe one in every ten attempts. This was a bit of a let down. If this is a widespread complaint I hope Samsung get on and deal with it.

Just a point when using the phone; do set the brightness function to auto. In the bright weather we’ve had over the past few days, the screen has been very hard to see. Making this change to the settings made the phone much easier to use.


I’ve enjoyed using Galaxy S6. The camera makes it a great tool for us bloggers or any amateur photographer. The fingerprint issue was a bit annoying but it wouldn’t put me off getting one of these phones. If you are thinking of upgrading, I’d certainly be considering the Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available on a variety of networks including Three.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Samsung Galaxy S6 handset on a temporary basis by Three. Thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 review; the final verdict”

  1. The camera does sound special, I must admit though since I switched to Apple from Android I much prefer it, which is a shame as there are lots of great looking and feature rich android phones like the S6.

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  3. I’m a Samsung girl & this review of the S6 is of Interest to me. Your #Sunday Photo was taken with the S6 and the quality is brilliant – you’ve persuaded me this is probably my next phone
    Thnx for the honest review

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