My Sunday Photo; birthday celebrations

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Toddler Adams enjoying some cake on her second birthday #MySundayPhoto

I think the image and caption above say it all; this week Toddler Adams celebrated her second birthday. The picture shows the little mite enjoying her birthday cake.

Elizabeth had a wonderful day. We spent it with family friends Aunty Sarah and Uncle Andy and their two kids. Thanks to Andy and Sarah for the cake which went down very well. It’s hard to believe Elizabeth has been part of the family for two years. It’s just flown by and she’s such a great kid and full of character.

There’s not a great deal to tell you about this image. It was a snap I took very quickly on my iPhone. I shall, therefore, spare you the technical details this week!

As it happens, this wasn’t the only second birthday celebrated in this household. It also happens to be the second anniversary of Dadbloguk! Yes, I’ve been writing this blog for two years and I’ve loved it. I will, however, be writing a separate blog post about that sometime over the next week.

As ever, I’m linking this up to the My Sunday Photo linky on the marvellous OneDad3Girls blog. Click on the badge if you want to see some amazing images produced by some brilliant bloggers.



17 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo; birthday celebrations”

  1. A big Happy Birthday to Elizabeth. The twos are so much fun…and ocassionally challenging πŸ™‚ it’s hard to imagine a time before them isn’t it?

  2. Happy birthday, Toddler Adams! What a lovely photo. TA is just a few weeks older than my niece, who has brightened up our lives over the last 22 months.
    Happy birthday Dadbloguk too – how on earth did you manage to start a blog with a newborn baby?!

  3. Why is there no technical description of how you took this photo? That’s always my favourite bit of “My Sunday Photo”….

  4. Double celebrations, double congratulations!
    Happy birthday Toddler A, enjoy the twos they bring with them so much change and an explosion of character!
    And happy blog birthday to you Mr A, you’ve developed a great blog with a compelling voice.

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