Taking shelter on a Boxing Day walk

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I’m sure we all have our Christmas traditions. One of mine is to go on a walk.

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Helen and Izzy, laughing at jokes while on a Boxing Day walk.

We managed a brief walk as a family on Christmas Day, but left it a little late so we ended up going out in the dark and in questionable weather. It was, therefore, a very brief stroll.

In a bid to get out of the house and get some proper exercise, we went out again yesterday. This time we drove out to a nearby forest. While there, we came across the shelter pictured above.

I’m so glad we found it because Izzy was not in the best of moods. She had been whining and whinging but the shelter took her mind off things.

With both girls in the shelter, Mrs Adams and I started telling them jokes. I took this shot just as they reacted to one of the jokes, which were along the lines of: “Imagine granny dressed up like Yoda.”

There’s something about this spot that brings out the best in the kids. I took this image in the same location earlier this year and it’s one of my favourite photographs because of the way it epitomises childhood. I think the picture of Helen and Izzy in the shelter also shows the care-free side of childhood, especially as they are laughing.

What did you do on Boxing Day? Did you go out or did you stay at home? What do you think of this image of the kids sheltering in a forest? Does it remind you of your childhood?


2 thoughts on “Taking shelter on a Boxing Day walk”

  1. This is a lovely picture. It actually quite got me thinking about how little (in the material sense) kids need, to be really happy. Granted, some toys and such are good, but life is about so much more. Glad you got this walk. ?

    1. You’re absolutely right Phil: we can be guilty of giving the kids too much to keep them entertained when in fact a simple shelter in a forest will do the trick. Reminds me of the summer holidays when a night in a tent made them both deliriously happy. No electronics or screens, just good outdoor fun.

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