The importance of being synchronised

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It’s a little-known fact that I am not a Formula 1 racing driver. With all the school runs and after school activities I have to take the kids to, I am more of a stop-start about town driver.

Formula One team mates Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kyvat discuss the importance of remaining in synch. Believe it or not, this is something we have in common.

That said, if you compare what I do with your average Formula 1 driver, there are some similarities. No honestly, there are.

The video below has been produced by watch manufacture Casio. It features Red Bull team mates Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kyvat as they discuss the importance of being synchronised

Featured in the video is an amazing watch, the Casio Edifice. It is Bluetooth enabled so it can synch to your phone and enables you to keep an eye as to what’s happening in several different time zones.

As a stay at home dad, I don’t often have to keep an eye as to what’s happening in other time zones (although it has happened).  What I do share with Formula 1 drivers, however, is a need to be synchronised. I insist on having a clock in every single room and it absolutely must be in synch and tell the correct time.

I know what time I need to leave the house so I can get my eldest daughter to school in time to ensure I get a good car parking spot. I also know what time I must leave the house if I am to avoid fighting my way through snarled up traffic caused by mums and dads collecting children from other schools along the route.

If one clock happens to fall a few minutes behind, the result can be chaos. In fact, the clock in our kitchen started running a few minutes fast the other day. This caused unnecessary panic when I thought I was leaving the house late.

Unlike Sainz and Kyvat, I do not have a performance engineer, race engineer or electronic engineer. Getting to the end of the day, however, having successfully done all school runs, pre-school drop offs and collections and after school clubs feels like winning a Formula 1 race.

Can you relate to this? Do you place major importance on having every clock in synch or are you much more relaxed? Please, leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.

6 thoughts on “The importance of being synchronised”

  1. All our clocks are in sync – apart from the one on our kitchen DAB, which has a tendency to slip. If I forget to update it (basically turning the radio on) it can get tricky whether leaving the house on time, or cooking time for dinner, as I’ll note start time on that clock, but keep an eye on time on one of the others whether wall, phone, or laptop. Overcooked pizza & pasta happens too often!

    1. Simon, you are so like me. This is amazing. I used to burn the food all the time too but I have improved my skills here, albeit only through hard experience.

    1. Oh Dave, I couldn’t live like that! I’m a bit like JOhn Cleese’s character from Clockwise. But then you’re probably too young to remember that film!

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