Planning for summer

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Is it too soon to start planning for summer? I’ve asked my girls what they want to do and I’ve made various plans in my head, I just haven’t put any dates in the calendar…yet!

planning for summer, sea shells on groynes on a beach
A shot I took on a camping trip with the kids last August. Is it too soon to start planning for this summer?

It was stumbling across this photo that got me thinking about summer. I took the picture on the beach at Pevensey last August when I went on a short camping trip with my daughters, Helen and Izzy.

It was early evening and I set the three seashells up on the wooden groynes. It’s not a prize-winning image, but I like the mixed textures of the shells and the wood and for some reason, I can’t explain why, the picture makes me happy. Perhaps it’s because the camping trip was a great success and it brings back wonderful memories (with hindsight, the ‘rule of six’ days were just the best!)?

Looking at the picture made me wonder what we should do as a family once the schools have broken up in July. Izzy is aiming high and wants to go to Portugal. Alas, she’s been told that isn’t happening because Mrs Adams I just can’t countenance the thought of going abroad during Coronatime. There’s also been talk of seeing Billie Eilish in concert. This, despite me repeatedly telling both kids that I very much doubt she’ll be going on tour again until 2022 at the earliest.

My (…slightly more realistic) plans involve another camping trip to Pevensey. I hope there will be trips to see both grandmothers plus uncles, aunts and cousins who we’ve barely seen since last year. I’m also hoping we can pay a visit to Wales. It’s a destination I never visited as a boy, but it’s somewhere my kids love so I hope we’ll make it over that side of Offa’s Dyke.

Until those infernal COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed a bit more, however, I don’t feel comfortable making any firm bookings. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t leave it too late?

Have you been brave enough to start planning for summer? Are you being cautious and waiting until restrictions have been relaxed a bit?

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14 thoughts on “Planning for summer”

  1. What a beautiful photo. We have bookings, which we made late last summer, when cases were right down and we didn’t dream that Covid would still be a problem a year later.
    If I was you, I would make the booking! Everywhere is being very reasonable and allowing people to cancel if they want to/ have to. If you don’t book soon, you might find there is nothing available.

    1. I think I may very well follow your advice Sarah. If I don’t book, we may miss out and that would be the worst of scenarios.

    1. Good point, maybe I should get to planning now and just amend plans if I have to? Love your positive approach.

    1. AH yes, I get regular updates from my sister who lives in NY. Here’s hoping those cam,ps can open and open safely. Best of luck with your plans visiting Oregon.

  2. We haven’t made any plans as such yet but we have discussed what we may do. We have been looking at hiring a cottage on the Norfolk coast or Oxfordshire way where Sarah has family members we haven’t seen since before corona time. I think we may wait a little longer and see what happens on the roadmap out of this lockdown and how things go.

    1. Yeah it’s confusing. You can now book a place in Wales…if you live in Wales! I don’t know whether to take a gamble and start booking places now in the hope we can go in summer or hold off. It’s a risk though isn’t it because we just don’t know what the future holds.

  3. We have been thinking about the summer but haven’t made any plans yet. hahaha! My two both want to see Billie Eilish in concert too. I can’t see that happening anytime soon.
    What a gorgeous photo.

    1. Thanks Kim. Maybe we’ll al lbump into each other at a Billie Eilish gig. . . although it won’t be for a while as you say.

  4. We camped in Pevensey with the kids in 2008, had a great holiday there and Peter and I keep saying we’d love to return. As for holidays abroad, forget it, we may be getting vaccinated but other countries aren’t as quick as us. Wales is a beautiful place to visit, I’ve never walked Offas Dyke, maybe that’s something for this summer #mysundayphoto

    1. Yes, I have had to explain to the kids that other countries aren’t vaccinating as quick as us and that is one of the issues with going abroad. Wales and Pevensey I think it will be!

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