If you’re going to build your nest anywhere…

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I took this picture last week when we were on holiday in Portugal. I had noticed that massive bird nests were a common sight on top of high buildings.

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A nesting stork I spotted in the city of Olhão in Portugal. I cou;dn’t help wondering if it was appealing for divine protection by nesting in such a spot?

While strolling through the city of Olhão, I spotted this particular example. Taken in the midday sun with the cloudless blue sky, I thought it made a very striking image.

I initially thought this was a heron but I believe it is a stork, although I can’t say for sure. Despite appearances, the building it was nesting on was, I think, a museum and not a church. Even so, I couldn’t help wondering if the stork was appealing for divine protection by building its nest right underneath the stone cross!

In truth, I am very surprised this picture came out at all. On inspecting my camera afterwards, I noticed that I accidentally had it in close-up mode. Needless to say, I was quite some distance away on the ground.

For the photography geeks, here are the picture’s details: shutter speed 1/200 of a second, aperture was f18, focal length 200mm (I was using a telephoto lens) and ISO 400. As usual for a Sunday, I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog. Click on the badge below to visit the linky.


29 thoughts on “If you’re going to build your nest anywhere…”

  1. Your headline made me chuckle. How amazing to capture her (or maybe him, I don’t know much about stalks) on her nest. How cool would it be to see a baby? I hope you all had a fab holiday. #MySundayPhoto

    1. I was surprised to see it on the nest at that time of day, it being so hot. Alas, didn’t see any young ones.

    1. I think you are correct; it only worked because the subject matter was obvious to the camera. That said, I will be more careful next time.

  2. Fab photo and what a place to build a nest. I wonder if he leans against the cross on sunny evenings and ponders life 🙂

    1. It is a stunny sky isn’t it? Makes the conditions very, very bright though. it’s difficult to take a decent photograph it’s so harsh, truth be told.

    1. Seriously, seen them nesting on telephone poles? That does surprised me. Would have thought they were too small.

  3. What a great shot and such clarity!
    We were in Faro & Almancil, in Portugal, at the start of the holidays and we saw many of these Storks nests up high on the City’s buildings, but my photos weren’t at all clear like yours.
    Apparently it’s a common phenomena across the city but they are amazing when you see them aren’t they.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday.

    BTW, did you get to Zoo Marine? It’s theme tune has become our song of the holiday (very repetitious!!)

    1. Alas, no we didn’t get to Zoo Marine. I will keep it in mind for our next visit. There will be more, of this I am sure!

    1. I think this stork was very comfortable indeed, although I was a little surprised that ll the storks seem to nest where it is very hot and exposed.

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