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Why oh why has this blog post got a French headline? The reason is simple: Arc en ciel means rainbow in French and this picture was taken, yup, you guessed it, on a rainy day in France.

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A rainbow, arc en ciel in French, photographed in Northern France shortly before there was a heavy storm that flooded our car.

We’ve not long returned from a few days near Boulogne sur Mer in Northern France. The weather wasn’t all that great so I didn’t get out too much with my camera but I did manage to snap this image of a rainbow shortly before there was a full-on storm during which a huge amount of rain fell.

Unfortunately, our car had developed a slightly bizarre fault and was no longer water tight. Once the rain had stopped I went to take a look and to my horror, the footwells in the front were full of water where it had leaked.  Needless to say, I had to bale the water out and on our return to the UK, the car was swiftly sent to the dearlership for repairs!

It’s not my best photograph but when I was reviewing the pictures the thumbnail leapt out at me. The picture is a little on the dark side and I did try rectifying this using Photoshop but after a couple of attempts, I decided not too. It was taken shortly before there was a storm so to have lightened up the dark clouds would have removed something authentic from the image.

Did you get away during the summer holidays? Did you see a rainbow like this or have to deal with a flooded car?

As I usually do with my photography posts, I’ll be adding this to the #MySundayPhoto linky on the Photalife blog. If you click on the badge below, you’ll be able to visit the Photalife blog and and explore photographs taken by lots of other talented bloggers.



32 thoughts on “Arc en ciel”

    1. If I had edited the background, those colours would have disappeared. Glad you liked it and yes, the car has been repaired and dried out but it smells bad!

    1. A Cotswolds rainbow! The best kind! Shame you missed it but good luck snapping the next one you see. And yes, the car being flooded was a bit of a shock.

  1. Normally I think everything sounds better in French but it doesn’t work for rainbow. The colours In you’re picture are amazing. Sorry to hear about your car though, hope it was easily fixed. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Oh my word, you don’t like ‘arc en ciel’?? I’m rather taken by it! Well at least we can agree the colours are great. And yes, that car of ours has been repaired although it smells bad.

  2. Regardless of the photo quality, the colours of that rainbow are so vibrant what a great rainbow, sorry, arc en ciel!

    I hope your cars being repaired and doesnt leak again! #mysundayphoto

    1. Oh it was a spectacular downpour that followed Fiona! Glad you like the image though. Leaving it unedited was the best decision I think.

    1. Thank you Victoria, yes, on this occasion unedited has worked well I feel. When I tried adjusting the background the rainbow lost some of its pazzaz.

  3. Hi John, I have this image of you baling the car out whilst the family look on. I hope it didn’t smell too bad as it dried out, Our car smells awful when I forget to close the windows and it rains, yet I still forget!… I think you were right leaving the photo as it was, the rainbow really pops against the dark sky. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a rainbow, but then it’s not rained much recently, hopefully, in the winter we’ll see one or two… We don’t have time for summer breaks, but fingers crossed that the planned walking trip goes ahead in the winter, it’s the carrot that keeps us going.



    1. That image you have in your head is reasonably accurate Debbie! And yes, the car smells!

      I’ev had a few comments saying I was right to leave the background as it was. I htink it was the right thing to do as it makes the rainbow colours stand out.

    1. I just had to take the photo Darren. I didn’t actually think it was all that good at first but when I reviewed the thumbnails it jumped out at me.

    1. Rarely do you get to see rainbows like this, right? The car has now been repaired, although it does have something of a damp smell to it!

  4. It’s a brilliant photo with a very vibrant rainbow against a very nice blue sky. It doesn’t look doomy at all. Sorry about your car though, that sounds very wet. Hope they manage to fix the leak for you!

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