Reflections: A whole new photographic experience

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This is possibly the most experimental photograph I have ever taken. At first glance it may not look like much, but it took a lot of effort to get an image of this candelabra reflected in a puddle.

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A candelabra reflected in a puddle. It looks like a simple photograph but that wasn’t the case at all!

I’ve tried photographing reflections numerous times but it has rarely worked (this being a rare example when I did get reasonable results). Following a thunderstorm earlier in the week, I saw this as my opportunity to try and get some pics of something reflected in a puddle.

I was inspired by something I read on the Digital Photography School website thought this candelabra would make an interesting item to photograph. Passing dog walkers and their animals didn’t make my mission any easier but I persevered.

Rather like the picture of the LEGO model I published last week, it was a case of taking a household item and putting it somewhere unusual to create an interesting pic. You don’t, after all, see cut crystal candelabras in puddles all that often do you? I can’t honestly say I am too surprised that both dog walkers and their animals wanted to know what I was up to!

Once at home I had to tinker with various settings to enhance the image. Of course it wasn’t until I had a full sized image up on my monitor that I noticed the candelabra wasn’t quite straight but c’est la vie, a lesson learned for next time.

That, I find, is the beauty of photography; I’m always learning. I can’t pretend this image is perfect but I have learned a lot about photographing reflections and I will certainly be taking many more pictures like this to improve my skills.

Even so, I find this image very tranquil. I am having a very stressful time as we prepare to move house and I find looking at  it very calming. In fact getting out without my camera I see a wonderful way to deal with stress.

Have you attempted photographing reflections? Do you have any advice or tips? If so please do leave a comment below because I’d be delighted to hear them.

I will be linking this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky. This is a marvellous photographic linky for bloggers. It’s hosted by the Photalife blog and if you’re interested in photgraphy, I would recommend you visit by clicking on the badge below.



16 thoughts on “Reflections: A whole new photographic experience”

  1. Hi John, I would have loved to see the looks you were getting as you were trying to get the candelabra ‘just so’ in the middle of a muddy puddle. Who cares, though? It was worth it… When I look at it I see a serpents head coming out of the water. The light catching the top of the candelabra gives it a cobra-like look ( I really should get more sleep maybe?). I like the way the reflection gives the puddle a sense of depth too… Just getting out and away from it all is perfect for handling stress.


    1. More sleep? Far from it, I love hearing what people see in my pictures! A fascinating interpretation. Yes, got a few odd looks and people wondering what on Earth I was doing but hey, that’s the fun of photography!

  2. How unusual. Taking the image sounds quite stressful (I had a little chuckle to myself thinking of the looks the dog walkers were giving you) but I’m glad you find looking at it relaxing. #MySundayPhoto

    1. The only stressful bit was going to take a shot and discovering to my horror I’d left the memory card at home so had to dash back to get one!
      The dogs were mostly amusing.

    1. Yes, I think that would have been very amusing! I think a video would have been more amusing, you know the moment I found I didn’t have a memory card on me so had to go home and then the dog yomping over and nearly knocking over my tripod. Would have been YouTube Gold.

  3. That is pretty awesome! I can imagine it must have been hard to do. I always want to photograph trees reflected in puddles, but they always come out really badly!
    Hope the moving stress improves soon.

    1. This took a few attempts Sarah. Trees can be very tricky to photograph I find. Maybe that’s hwat I should attempt next time.

  4. When I first saw this photo I thought it was a tower in the middle of a river.

    Reflections are a tricky beast

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. Ahhhh, interesting comment that Darren. I’m kinda glad yuo saw somehitn gelse in teh image. Shows it has more than one perspective.

    1. I am going to keep working on it Fiona. I think I need to improve my skills a bit when it comes to reflections.

    1. Very kind of you. Over the past year I have been totally captured by the photographic bug so I am always wanting to give new things a try.

    1. Thank you, I am kinda wondering if I should have chosen a different, more colourful subject but I think it works well for a first effort.

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