My obsession with corn

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I went off for a cycle ride earlier this week. It was a significant moment (I’ll explain why in a moment) but the route took my past a field of corn with a footpath running straight through the middle of it. Always on the look out for photo opportunities, I wondered if I could get a decent image if I went for a quick stroll up the footpath.

corn, wheat, blue sky, obsession with corn
Courtesy of my childhood, I have an obsession with corn.

This is what I got. If you’d been there at the time, you’d have seen me crouching and bending in all sorts of bizarre ways to get in the perfect position to take this picture!

Thanks to my upbringing, I have something of an obsession with corn. I can’t pass a field like this without reminiscing on my childhood. I grew up in the countryside and the house we lived in when I was a very young boy was as rural as South East England gets. It was at the end of a mile-long, dead-end, single-track road that was flanked by two corn fields.

The school bus would drop me off at the end of that road and I walked back to the house. I can still see those beautiful, golden fields of corn in my mind’s eye to this day. I remember the farmer inviting me on to his combine harvester when harvesting the corn and back in those days stubble burning was legal. I recall looking on as the corn stumps, stripped of their valuable grain, were torched. It was a practice that had to be banned for environmental reasons but, wow, those fires were ferocious!

As I say, I’m slightly obsessed with corn and as you can no doubt tell, a country boy at heart! Anyway, you probably want to know why the cycle ride was significant.

I injured my knee during Lockdown No.1. I got a bit too obsessed with using a rowing machine and the results weren’t pretty. Although I have managed to keep active, it’s taken until now for me to be able to cycle any distance without experiencing pain in my knee. I broke the journey so I walked up hills and went on my detour to get this photograph, but this was the first time I’d attempted a lengthy cycle ride in ages so I was pleased it went well.

That said, I’m going to ask, have you any bizarre obsessions from your childhood? Maybe you have a thing for barley or flax? If so, let me know!

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12 thoughts on “My obsession with corn”

  1. Well done, it’s always a worthy achievement when you overcome an injury. The photo is good too, corn fields are always amazing. I have always lived in the city (the same one) but it’s amazing what treasures can still be found. Near to my childhood home was a big farm, and ancient church and at the top of the hill a patch of beech trees that can be seen for miles. My Dad used to take me there to play in the woods, we’d build dens and make rope swings. Not so bizarre, but when I met my first husband, I would get him to take me there and we would sit on a bench and eat cheese and onion crisps as a date while looking out over the fields and the surrounding city.

    1. Eating cheese and onion crisps on a bench while admiring the view sounds like a great date to me. And thanks for the good wishes about the knee. I was warned it would take a look time to heal but I didn’t expect it would be this long. Glad you like the pic too Anne.

  2. It i amazing what triggers childhood memories. Your childhood experiences sound fun – I’d have liked to take a ride with that farmer too.

    1. It is really odd what triggers childhood memories, yes. For me…it’s corn! Well, one of the things anyway.

  3. That is a fantastic photo.
    What lovely memories you have. I grew up living on a farm and although my family had no corn fields there was plenty nearby. I remember the days of the farmers burning their fields too. It was very exciting. x

    1. Ah, a country girl! I’m sure we share many similar memories Kim. Amazing to come across someone else who recalls stubble burning. I watched those burning fields and was mesmorised by them.

    1. Thank you. It was very simple and required little editing, but I did have to bend myself into weird positions to get the pic!

  4. Lovely childhood memories! I remember seeing the blackened fields, but never actually saw one burning.
    So glad the bike ride went well for you. It must have been frustrating to be injured for so long.

    1. Oh it was Sarah. Having to take it a bit easy now after pushing it too much with some running. Two steps forward, one back!

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