First frost of the year

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For the first time in ages, I managed to get out and have some fun with my camera this week, taking random images of whatever I came across. Lying outside our house was this pile of frost-covered leaves and I thought it looked very seasonal.

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Leaves lying just outside in our house in the harsh frost.

The image was taken with quite a tight aperture. While editing I reduced the vibrance and this has given it more of a silver hue.

Do you agree with me that it’s a very seasonal image? What stands out for you, the leaves or the frost? Please leave a comment below.

I’ve added this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky published by the amazing Photalife blog. Please do click on the link below and visit Photalife if you’d like to see stunning photography produced by other bloggers.


30 thoughts on “First frost of the year”

  1. The frost for me, I love frosty mornings, I am thinking and hoping we are going to have a cold and frosty winter this year. Last year’s was so wet and soggy such a disappointment and all those poor people flooded. So give me frost any day. Beautiful shot and lets hope its a sign of things to come x

  2. I love how frost makes everyone so pretty…even though it’s freezing. We’ve had some snow too but it wasn’t enough to play in!

  3. Hi John, just looking at photos of frost makes me shiver. We won’t see any here until at least January (I hope). What stands out for me most about your photo is the way the frost highlights the veins of the leaves, reminding me of those wax crayon rub pictures children make.


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