Stepping back in time

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This photograph represents a trick of the eye. You could be forgiven for thinking it was taken forty years ago when it was, in fact, taken last week.

Robertsbridge, Sussex, National Trust, Bodiam Castle, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, Morris Minor
A Morris Minor parked on the village green in Robertsbridge. Is this an old picture or a modern one? What do you think?

Having gone on a family visit to Bodiam Castle (see this picture of the surrounding landscape), we had lunch at a pub over the road. During the meal I looked out of the window and noticed this Morris Minor.

The Morris Minor has a special place in my heart as my aunt owned one when I was a young boy. I have very vivid memories of that vehicle.

I clearly remember the passenger door coming open as we rounded a corner while my grandmother was sat in the passenger seat (she was unharmed though a touch shaken). Another time I recall a hub cap flying off and bouncing down the road. Despite these experiences, I’m sure my aunt would drive one today is she could.

Having spotted this particular Morris Minor, I had an idea. Would it be possible to take a picture without anything from the twenty first century appearing in the shot?

It was more difficult that it sounds as there were modern cars parked all over the place. Eventually, however, I found a position that removed all the modern paraphernalia and when I got home I ran the shot through a sepia filter to age it.

Yes, okay, there is a phone box in the background. Personally, I think that ages the image more. They are, after all , a relic of the twentieth century not the twenty first.

I’ve added this picture to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog. Click on the badge below to visit the linky and see imagery taken by other bloggers.



26 thoughts on “Stepping back in time”

  1. I can confirm that those type of phone boxes were around 40 years ago.
    What a fabulous photo. I took a pic of a Morris Minor this week too, in a museum!
    We had one, around 32 years ago, unfortunately, it didn’t last very long, it was already old and hadn’t been looked after properly and my partner at the time had no idea how to care for it either so we passed it on.

  2. You obviously had to do some hard work to get this shoot without any modern influences, great work! Used to have a Renault 5, the windows feel out when we went round a corner and had to hold them in with a peice of string! #mysundayphoto

  3. Wow it’s so pristine and pretty ( am I allowed to call a car pretty?). I think my husband would just circulate it a lot of times admiring it!

  4. Love it, John. Amazing that this one is still around, especially given the trouble your aunt had with hers. I don’t think we will look back at our cars with the same nostalgia. #MySundayPhoto

  5. What a great image, I do love old cars and think we have become to modern and really have lost an element of class with all the technology we find in cars nowadays. Have always wanted an old car with character like this one !

    1. Glad you think so Louise. Oddly, I drove past a Morris Minor yesterday and thought “I wonder if I could get a picture of that?”

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