Woodland walk #CountryKids

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Here we have a picture of Toddler Adams on a woodland walk. There are two things to note about this picture. Firstly it was (just about) warm enough for her to wear a hooded top instead of a coat, a sure sign spring is here. Secondly, she is surrounded by wild garlic. Sniff hard enough and you may smell it through your monitor.

The picture was taken after the school run on Thursday. Having collected my eldest daughter, the pair of them wanted to go and play outside. They eventiually settled on a walk through the woods and the smell of the wild garlic was incerdibly strong. Helen, my eldest, made the mistake of trying to pick some and had awful trouble trying to rid her hands of the odour!

I know it’s still a bit cold for a really long, after school, outdoor play session but I find this much more preferable to coming home. If we return home the house gets turned upside down and there are constant requests for the television. I’ve noticed that while the kids are outside and playing, they don’t mention the television at all. It’s only when they get into the house and see that infernal machine that they ask for it to be turned on.

I know of other parents who just want to get straight home after school. That’s not for me; I want ’em run run free for as long as possible.

Where do you stand in the great “going straight home after school” debate? Do you trot off straight home, or let the kids burn off some energy outside?

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8 thoughts on “Woodland walk #CountryKids”

  1. We come straight home though rarely to the TV. Lately the kids have been all about imaginary worlds so there’s a lot of superheroes and dens! Though soon it’ll be a case of getting back and just opening the back door and they’ll play outside in the garden. Glad your girls enjoyed their spring walk

  2. I bring mine straight home but thankfully home is a farm for us so we go and burn off some steam seeing the animals or on the trampoline before they come inside to the TV. It’s great that you’ve got such lovely place to escape for a springtime walk when the girls want to. I bet you’re all so looking forward to the warmer days when you can go for a walk without worrying about a jumper! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. Oh spring it on it’s way if there is no coat! I love the smell of wild garlic, it’s a shame there isn’t any round here.
    Don’t do the school run yet, but I would hope we find some magical places on our way home from school when Boo does start (we are talking years in the future but hey doesn’t hurt to plan!) we could go past a lovely duck pond if we took a round about way =)

  4. Iona@Redpeffer

    Yes, I’m one of the ‘get home’ brigade I’m afraid. We’re fortunate in that during Spring, Summer and early Autumn, the garden gives us plenty of running around opportunities.

  5. Depends on the weather 🙂 There is a park at school, so on sunny days we often go there for a bit before heading home to do homework. Kids finish at 2.20, so we have time to go a bit further afield sometimes, if it’s a really lovely day! At the moment, straight home, as fast as possible 🙂 #CountryKids

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