An experiment with bunk beds and sharing a bedroom

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I’m about to install a bunk bed in what was Helen’s bedroom and, for the first time, our girls will ‘properly’ share a bedroom. Pic credit below.

Our kitchen improvement project has had some unforeseen consequences. Based on the fact our kids have happily shared a bedroom for the past few weeks while the work has been going on, we are going to take a leap into the unknown, install bunk beds and get them to share a room permanently.

This is something we should have done a long time ago. We never did, largely down to me resisting the idea. I simply wasn’t convinced the kids would sleep if in the same room. This was based on a couple of experiences we had when the kids were younger.

As a result, the situation we’ve been in has been a little daft. Helen, our eldest child, has had the luxury of her own, adult-sized double bedroom since we moved into this house when she was two years old. At the time she didn’t have any siblings and it just seemed the natural choice of room for her to have.

Of course, life doesn’t stand still. Our family has moved on. We now have two children and they are both older and going to bed at the same time. The introduction of a coordinated bedtime helps massively.

Added to this, we have, as part of our new kitchen works, had a new central heating system installed. The floor-to-ceiling cupboard in Helen’s room that used to accommodate a large, ugly, old-fashioned hot water tank can now be used for toy storage, making it easier for the girls to go in the same room.

As my blogging and writing activities have grown, I find myself in need of an office. Until now dadbloguk.com has been written from a 1930s writing bureau in the corner of our living room. By placing the girls in the one bedroom, we free up space for me to have an office (the 1930s bureau remains, it’s far too cool to replace).

In other words, it’s all change in the Adams Household. I bought the bunk bed frame last night. Today I plan to build it. By the end of the weekend we should have the house in its new configuration and I can’t wait. I just hope it works out well for us all.

Do your kids share a room? If so, does it work well? Do you have any advice? It’s a leap into the unknown for this family so I’m keen to hear of your experiences.

Pic credit; Miguel Adrade. Reproduced under Creative Commons agreement.

9 thoughts on “An experiment with bunk beds and sharing a bedroom”

    1. Well Nigel, so far so good….although we are only one night in! Putting them both in the same room has been great as they have a wonderful kids’ bedroom now. The youngest’s room was always a bit forgotten about but when all their things and furniture have been combined, it looks really good.

  1. My boys shared a room from when they were 3 and 1 until we moved into our current house, when they were 12 and 10. They shared a room out of necessity, not choice, as we didn’t have enough space for them to have their own rooms. They were pretty happy together, but I’m sure sharing a room is where their problems with going to sleep at night stem from. All of my kids go to sleep far too late and there’s nothing we can do about it. By the time we moved, they desperately needed their own space. I would never put two kids in together unless it was an absolute necessity, but all kids are different and girls might be a different matter!
    Good luck!

    1. In an ideal world Sarah, we would avoid putting kids in the same room. Alas, we don’t live in a five bed house. We can wish, but it won’t happen for some time, if ever at all. Seriously hoping we don’t experience sleep issues. If we did, back to separate rooms.

  2. I have painted lots of murals for kids sharing a room. Designing something that is personal and individual to each child whilst ensuring that it works together to create a harmonious finished look (you would be amazed at the themes I have combined, Red Arrows and countryside, dinosaurs and London skyline!). Creating a space where they still feel they have individuality is key to making sharing work. Good luck!

  3. How has it been working out for you? Charlie and Noah are sharing whilst I finish decorating his room and they have been a total nightmare. Talking all night, refusing to sleep. Nightmare! Hope you have had more success!

    1. It’s worked well, but for one thing. The youngest is incredibly untidy compared to her sister. Gonna have to get her tidying up more.

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