Experimenting with my new camera

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If you listen carefully you might just hear the click click click of me taking photographs. At long last, and after a dispute with the retailer (don’t ask), my new camera has arrived!

Excitement levels remain palpable and wherever I go, the camera goes with me. I know the novelty will wear off, but the two of us are still getting to know each other. I’ve made the move from a high-end Samsung bridge to a Canon DSLR and I won’t be looking back.

The controls on my Canon are much more straightforward and enable me to take images like this one. I snuck out last night while my wife and kids were watching Home Alone. While they were otherwise engaged, I took this image from the most romantic of settings; on top of an exceptionally windy bridge over the M23 motorway.

I’ve driven over this bridge many a time and wondered what it would be like to tinker with the shutter speed and purposefully blur the lights of the moving traffic. The image isn’t as good as I was hoping, but I now have a better idea how to take such images and I plan to get much more creative over the coming weeks.

Here are the technical details. The shot was taken in manual mode with the camera mounted on a tripod. IS0 was 125, aperture f5.6, focal length 41mm and shutter speed 2.5 seconds.

I’m linking this to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog (formerly Onedad3girls). Do click on the badge below and pay the linky a visit, it’s one of my personal favourites and features some great photography.




24 thoughts on “Experimenting with my new camera”

  1. I love it John, light trails really add beauty to any subject even the M23. Thank you for the kind words too

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Who knew a bunch of car lights would make such a beautiful photo! Hope you have many more beautiful moments with your new camera 🙂

  3. I keep meaning to try one of these over the M40, but just never get the chance. Seems a bit weird being on the edge of a road as a lone female, but might drag out one of my work photography club buddies out with me too.

    Looks great, and always good to practice

  4. I would have out the ISO all the way down to 100 and also if you buy a remote trigger then you will greatly reduce the camera caused by you touching the shutter button to take the shot

    And hurrah for a Canon. I love mine too and I rarely leave home with out it and the novelty has never worn off


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