The forgotten photo

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There I was, planning blog content for the next few weeks when I stumbled across this forgotten photograph in an obscure drive on my computer. It shows my eldest daughter Helen, taking a break from playing with some LEGO models to stare right at my camera lens.

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Helen glances up at the camera while playing with LEGO models. This image was almost lost forever.

It’s an image I took a few weeks ago while playing around with my camera on a visit to some Woodland Trust land. I think there’s a lot of humour in the picture. It’s typical of Helen, looking up, trying to out-stare the camera lens! She can be a very strong willed individual and she clearly didn’t want to smile for the camera on this occasion.

As is often the way, I had planned to post a completey different image to the blog. Despite having just moved into our new house and being very busy unpacking boxes, I have managed to go on a couple of photo walks but I found the results of my efforts to be very disappointing.

The only image I took worth sharing was the selfie you’ll find below. I took this in the early morning light. I think the early morning provides some of the best lighting conditions for photography and while I didn’t expect much of this hurriedly-shot phone picture, I liked the atmosphere of the image (although there’s no escaping its slightly self-indulgent nature!).

Despite being a selfie, it is also very real in nature, capturing me unwashed and with four day’s stubble on my face. This is not, I should add, how I usually present myself to the world, merely the way I looked after several days of unpacking, moving furniture and making numerous visits to the recycling centre!

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Yes, it’s a gratuitous selfie, but I hope you’ll agree it’s a good one.

I will be adding this blog post to the #MySundayPhoto linky that’s hosted by the Photalife blog. I recommend clicking on the badge below so you can visit the linky yourself. You’ll find lots of different photographs from many different bloggers and I often get lost in it, admiring the pics people have taken.



25 thoughts on “The forgotten photo”

  1. I think both of these photos were definitely worth sharing. You seem to have captured Helen perfectly there, even though you’re only showing a fraction of her.
    Good luck with the rest of your unpacking!

    1. It is quite a captivating pic of Helen isn’t it? We’re getting there with the unpacking, just a few more boxes to go.

  2. Fab photos, John. I love the b&w of Helen. Her eyes are so vivid, even without colour. I also like the one of you. I think it looks like you’re somewhere exotic and you’ve had to trek to get there. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Yeah, there’s something very vivid about that picture. I can’t remember what lens I was using, may have been my big 600mm which would explain why it came out that way. Alas, I didn’t trek anywhere exotic but it does sort-of look that way doesn’t it?

  3. That’s photo commitment to be up there with your camera and tripod early. I am forever balancing mine on a tree or my knee and wondering why my photos are less clear! Love both photos in totally different ways.

    1. I often find myself balancing my camera on things although I much prefer using a tripod. The results are much better. Great to hear you liked both pics.

  4. Hi John, the photo of Helen staring straight at the camera would have made a good Athena poster (remember them?). It sort of reminds me of that National Geographic photo that was taken of the girl with the ‘eyes’, although that one was on colour, the black and white in your works well… I really like your selfie, it looks like you are giving David Attenborough a run for his money and your rough and ready look suits the photo. Who has time to wash when there are more important things to be done?


    1. Oh I remember Athena and I remember that photograph as well! Great to hear my rough and ready look works well. I hadn’t paid too much attention to the lighting so when it came out I was very pleasantly surprised!

  5. I love the artistic selfie John, I’ve a few like this.

    You should try a long exposure selfie, set the camera timer and then stand in the frame whilst it takes a long exposure. Cars whizzling with you completely still.

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. You’re now putting ideas in my head Darren! I may have to try a selfie like that. Not this week though. Few too many visitors to the new house!

  6. The innocence and curiosity in the first photo is just beautiful. So simple and so lovely and effective. I think its so nice when you find a hidden gem like that! 🙂

    1. Next time I take a selfie, I’ll keep quiet about it! There’s more to unpack, but we are winning the battle thankfully.

  7. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    The selfie is great; I agree you can’t beat early morning light. Helen looks pretty feisty and determined. Fab shot!

  8. Both of these photos are fab! I love the one of Helen – and the one of you is so atmospheric and natural. Superb stuff (and thank you for your really lovely comment on my post) #MySundayPhoto

    1. Well Victoria, I do love to leave a nice comment from time to time. Glad you liked my pics. The selfie shot was a total surprise I have to say.

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