green and pleasant land

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What a month May was. With two bank Holidays and half term just a few shorts weeks after the Easter break, the usual family routine has been very difficult to follow. Feeling a little jaded after a demanding month, I wanted a little time on my own. While my daughter was at her gymnastics class yesterday afternoon, I took myself off for a stroll with my camera.

Photograph of English countryside in early summer showing green and pleasant land.
I’m not a huge fan of the hymn Jerusalem, but on a sunny day, England’s but the land did look green and pleasant.

I went along a route I hadn’t really explored before. I found myself walking alongside fields of crops that were just beginning to flower while others, winter crops I guess, were mere seedlings. It was a sure sign we are in early summer.

After a short while, the path took me to the top of a small hill. Farmland, trees and greenery seemed to stretch out all the way to the horizon.

While admiring the view, the one thing that came to mind was the hymn Jerusalem. I was a bit surprised by this because I’m not the biggest fan of the hymn for a variety of reasons. Even so, the land did look very green and pleasant from that spot.

I can’t deny the picture is a little similar to this image, which I recently posted on the blog. In the previous image, I was trying to improve the sky while in the picture above, I was more interested in the landscape.

Landscape photography is an area I need to work on because I’m rarely happy with the results when I attempt it. More often than not, I find someone has already taken a better picture and it’s been turned into a postcard!

If you have kids who are at school, how have you coped with the month of May? Photographers: Have you any thoughts on this landscape shot, in particular how it could be improved? Dare I ask, what are your thoughts on the hymn Jerusalem?

4 thoughts on “green and pleasant land”

  1. It looks amazing. What a day to be alive. I struggle with landscapes too. In fact, I forget to take landscape shots most of the time. I’ve also struggled with getting into a routine with so many holidays (Freya’s school was also shut for two days because it was a polling station) and soon it will be the long summer holiday!

    1. Oh Tara, yes, I’m already building up to the long summer holiday. I prefer that, however for two reasons. Firstly, Ilove spending that time with the kids. Second, you just know it’s a long holiday and that’s what’s going ot happen. There’s no stop-start-stop-start. Anyway, getting back to the matter in hand, glad you enjoyed the landscape!

  2. Sir, You’r my mentor.

    I searched about parenting blogs online today and to my surprise I met yours and found it amazing and interesting. I spent hours on your site reading your articles which led me to have interests in building my own blog site too, to share my experiences as a father of two to the world too. Though I am from Africa, Nigeria, so i believed to face some challenges due to the area I came from.

    Sir, I had decided to start with Blogger.com and named it ” The Dad’s Caress Blog” but i need your kind advice on how to go through it sir.

    1. Thanks ever so much for your very kind message Hassan. I will take a look at your blog and email you when I get a moment. Had a very busy month so I am catching up with such things juts at the moment. Best wishes, John

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