Breaking my kids’ healthy eating rules in the heatwave

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I’ve been doing the school run for several years. Dealing with my offspring at the end of the school day in this heatwave, however, is an entirely new experience. My kids are stumbling out of the classroom so hot and bothered that I am regularly breaking one of my own healthy-eating rules to cool them down.

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The iced lolly: Axis of Evil or an acceptable way to cool down school kids in this heatwave?

There’s no question, Helen and Izzy are struggling with the heat. Little Izzy, my five-year-old daughter, is finding the heatwave the most difficult to deal with.

She flops out of school, red-faced and with a short-fuse. It’s partly what I call the post-school slump, but it’s mostly induced by the heat. While Izzy struggles the most, her big sister Helen isn’t that far behind.

This is where there’s a big difference between the rest of the family and I. While Mrs Adams, Helen and Izzy often wilt when the thermometer goes above 25˚c, I simply cannot get too hot.

My ideal temperature is somewhere between 30˚c and 40˚c. I love the heat and the present blast of sunny weather we’re getting in the UK is doing a huge amount to lift my spirits after that long, long, grey winter. As I say, I’ve been breaking one of my self-imposed healthy eating rules, although I’ve only been doing so to help the kids deal with the hot weather.

I dislike it when other parents give sweets out in the playground, so I don’t allow my kids to eat sweet things within the school grounds. In this heat, however, I’ve been taking iced-lollies to school, one for each of the kids. The moment they’re out of the class room, I thrust one into their hands and make for the school gate as quickly as possible.

I’m not going to tell you it’s a perfect solution. I do look at the labels and try and give them fruit-based items with a low (ish) sugar content. Even though they’re struggling with this heatwave, they want to spend every moment outside being active and so they are definitely working off the sugar.

It isn’t ideal, but it definitely helps. Aside from cooling the kids down and providing some hydration, they struggle to give me verbal abuse when pre-occupied with a lolly. Once they’ve finished their lolly, the grumpiness has generally passed.

I should really be giving the kids homemade lollies made from fruit and coconut water. Having just moved-house, we are still in a state of mild disorganisation so ensuring we have the correct fruits, coconut water and lolly molds is a bit beyond me right at this point in time. For now, I’m relying on shop-bought items, but this will change as we become more organised.

I also think this is a better option than giving in to their constant requests to buy lollies from the ice cream van that’s outside school most days. I did it once, and never again.

My mistake was to expect change having given the kids a £5 note and told them they could have a lolly each. How foolish was I? I should have known that 80ml of watered-down, frozen fruit juice would cost £2.50 per item. Send the kids into the supermarket with £5 and they’d come back with 16 lollies and they’d be change left over!

I am in no rush for this hot spell to end. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Until it does, however, I shall be liberal with the iced lollies.

In these circumstances, I think it’s important us mums and dads share ideas. How are you cooling the kids down? Do you hose then down in the garden after school? Do you give then frozen drinks or are you also being liberal with the iced lollies? Whatever tricks you employ, Please do leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Breaking my kids’ healthy eating rules in the heatwave”

  1. We’ve been quite liberal with the shop bought iced-lollies whilst it’s been hot. I’m sure we’ve got a kit to make homemade ones somewhere. I’m going to look it out because the shop bought ones are so expensive!

    There’s a spanner in the works where we live in that there’s an ice-cream parlour about a minute’s walk from our house. It’s not always easy to get past without giving in to a cone or a small tub, especially when it’s been so warm.

    1. Yes, I see your dilemma Tim having to go past the ice cream parlour (sugary food….in Scotland???? Never!). Honestly though, I think the most beneficial aspect is that my kids are pre-occupied with the lolly so it simply gives them a few mins to adjust to the post-school routine.

  2. We’ve had the exact same issue here! Between ice lollies, ice-cream and strawberries and double cream, I’m bracing myself for sugar rush fuelled tantrums most nights. I’m convincing myself the extra trips to the park help them burn it off haha #thatfridaylinky

    1. Well that is the one benefit of this weather. My two are spending more time outside so are burning it off. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself! Thanks for commenting.

  3. It’s a minefield isn’t it! The icrcream man outside the school gate has been the Bain of my life recently. We are too far away to take ice lollies with me, but I refuse to pay the £2.50 for a 40p ice lolly, so it’s been tantrums every afternoon for 3 weeks. SIGH! #thatfridaylinky

    1. I feel your pain. Yes, the ice cream van is the bain of my life also. I’ve been taking lollies in a small cool bag and it’s worked fine. Just an idea, but it might work!

  4. I’m feeling this post so much recently! I’m currently 7 months pregnant and my attempts to stay eating healthily have gone out of the (very much open) window right now. And if the four year old stepson wants an ice lolly, he gets one and I get one too! Here’s hoping it starts to cool down soon! #thatfridaylinky

    1. Oh I feel for you. I recall how my wife struggled with the heat when pregnant. Enjoy those lolly pops and wishing you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy, delivery and beyond.

  5. Lots of ice pops for sure here! We are lucky to have AC so lots of games indoors but we also have a pool so that is where we spend the afternoons. #thatfridaylinky

    1. Oh to have a pool! That would help enormously. I did take the kids swimming the other day as it happens and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. we go through a lot of freeze pops here, basically colored, frozen water. I try to get the sugar free ones when possible, but should probably pay a bit more attention to that when buying. Its been cooking here in the States as well recently #thatfridaylinky

    1. I am not alone! Phew, that makes me feel slightly better. We’ve been slow cooking in the UK for quite some time now. If we’re not careful, we’re going to run out of water and there there will be no ice pops for anyone.

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