Summer scene in Cambridge #MySundayPhoto

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Cambridge, River Cam, photography,
On the banks of the River Cam

My teenaged nephew has been to stay with us for a few days. Yesterday I had to take him to Cambridge to make a long-standing appointment, a journey that I also made with Toddler Adams.

When the toddler started complaining of being hungry I nipped into a nearby shop for some food and then we went to have a picnic under the shade of a willow tree by the River Cam.

I say we had a picnic, it was more a case of I had a picnic because she refused to eat the food I bought her. I imagine the heat was affecting her appetite.

I took this shot near a very well-known pub called The Anchor. It struck me that it was about as stereotypically Cambridge as you get. There were so many punts on the river I don’t quite know how they weren’t crashing into each other.

Although I had all the best intentions, I completely forget to take my camera. This shot was taken on my iPhone in HDR mode. Apparently focal length was 4mm, aperture f2.4 ISO 50 (it was incredibly sunny) and the shutter speed a mind-boggling 1/1,178 of a second.

I have had virtually no time to get out with the camera this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have a bit more time to practice my photography.

25 thoughts on “Summer scene in Cambridge #MySundayPhoto”

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m quite pleased with how this one turned out. You can’t beat a camera, but an iPhone will suffice sometimes.

    1. Very kind of you to say so Beth. Can’t lie, the picnic was of dubious quality and I had to go for a run when I got home to get rid of the calories!

    1. Well the picnic seemed like a nice idea and Toddler Adams was even asking for food. When it came to it, however, she just wasn’t interested.

    1. There are some pretty impressive buildings in Cambridge. If your son goes back he should spend some time snapping away. He won’t be disappointed.

  1. I have never visited Cambridge and this has made me want to make the journey in the Summer

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Make sure you go o n a quiet day Darren….what the photo doesn’t show is how absolutely heaving it was.

    1. It is….so long as you can cope with hordes of tourists. To say it was busy is an understatement.

  2. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Haven’t heard anyone mention The Anchor in a while…my ex-husband’s Great Aunt Elsie used to own it many moons ago!

    A nice place for a picnic 🙂

  3. Great quality from the iPhone and great distance shot. This looks like something out of a tourism brochure, everything you’d expect to see on a visit to Cambridge and sunny too!. We used to go then regularly for wkend breaks and this photo takes me back, it’s very a-typical.

  4. I’ve never been to Cambridge but if I did visit I’d love to go for a punt.
    It looks like it was a lovely day… unlike our foggy one.

    1. The shameful thing is I spent much of my early years in Oxfordshire, another place famous for punting. I’ve never done it! I think I may have to.

  5. We are not too far from Cambridge but, I never been there yet. That is a beautiful picture, it looks like a lovely place to go. 🙂

    P.S You and your typewriter too is a fab photo.

    1. When you do visit Cambridge, I suggest going in the middle of winter. The streets were absolutely heaving! It’s a beautiful place but, wow, barely sapce to move. Thanks for the kind comment about the new profile picture.

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