Urban landscape photography: the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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I’ve posted a lot of nature photography on the blog recently, but this slightly abstract picture of an urban landscape appealed to me. What you see here in the foreground are the dark curves of the Aquatics Centre, just one part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Behind it is Canary Wharf.

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A striking image, taken while visiting the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Helen. In the foreground, the Aquatics Centre, behind it, Canary Wharf.

What I like about the image are the sharp contrasts. The Aquatics Centre is very dark and features gentle curves. In comparison, Canary Wharf is well lit and the tall buildings feature sharp lines.

It simply struck me as a great urban scene. I also think it works well in black and white.

I’m curious to know if you like this image? It’s quite different to the photography I usually post on the blog. Oh, and if you are into nature photography, please don’t worry, I have lots of that to come!

As I usually do with my photgraphy  blog posts, I will be linking this to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog. Please do click on the badge below to pay the linky a visit.



24 thoughts on “Urban landscape photography: the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park”

    1. To find a peaceful spot in London you have to hunt for one. This is a bit off the beaten track but glad you found it relaxing.

    1. Ah yes, not many people would know of this view. It’s not a classic like Tower bridge. Glad you liked it.

    1. An image with lots of contrasts Darren! Really glad you like it and thanks for hosting this marvellous linky.

  1. Hi John, nature photography is probably my favourite, but I like to think I can appreciate any good photograph. What struck me about your photo is the feeling of being taken in another time. It has a 70s feel about it, which I think isn’t because the photo is black and white, but has more to do with the gentle contrasts in parts of the photo. And yes, I do like it.


    1. Gosh, I hadn’t thought in the image in that way but I see what you mean. I guess the gentle shapes come from the foreground. The buildings in the background are quite stark in comparison.

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